Michelle Kadera


Where did you grow up?
I was born in Newport Beach and grew up in South Orange County: Mission Viejo/ Lake Forest

What is your fitness background?
I have been studio dancing since I was a child. I eventually became an instructor at my dance studio specializing in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, gymnastics, cheer and character. I also had the chance to manage a gymnastic studio for 5 years called The Little Gym where I got the opportunity to teach tumbling teams, mommy and me classes and basic elementary gymnastics.

How long have you been married / how did you meet your spouse?
I have been married to my husband for six years as of August. I was lucky enough to be set up by one of my clients I served at the YMCA where I had been a child care director for over 10 years.

Who are the members of your family?
The members of my family include myself, my husband Andrew, my 3 year old daughter Elleyna, my 1 year old daughter Charlotte and my two step children, Jordyn who is in high school and Ethan who is in 7th grade.

Where did you go to school and what did you study?
I graduated from Cal State Long Beach, with a bachelor’s degree in Child and Family Studies.

How did you learn about Stroller Strides?
One of my neighbors told me all about this wonderful program that combined a mom’s group with an exercise group! I fell in love with the idea even before I got to try a class

When did you join Stroller Strides as a member?
I joined stroller strides in May 2013 when my daughter was 6 weeks old.

When did you become an instructor and what motivated you to become an instructor?
I became an instructor in February 2014. This just seemed like the perfect opportunity to do what I love and support the well-being of my mommy friends in the area. I also love that I get to work with my “friends” and my “baby”! How lucky am I?!

What do you hope to provide for our members?
I hope to encourage each mommy to achieve their personal best as far as health and fitness. I also want to make a positive impact on their lives while being a resource! Lastly, I will strive to make each class filled with high energy, calorie burning and muscles toning exercises and a fun-filled class for the kiddos!

How has Stroller Strides affected your life?
Stroller Strides is the exercise program I needed and longed for! As a first time mommy, I needed to surround myself with other mommies going through the same things! I never knew I would benefit so much from this group! The moms I have met, play groups I have participated in, the mom’s night outs I have thankfully been a part of and the body and optimal health I have always wanted…I wouldn’t trade this program for anything!

What do you consider the biggest benefit of Stroller Strides?
The two biggest benefits are my health and the support! Again, I am so impressed with my body and with the friends (mommies) I get to work out with every day!

What are your current fitness goals?
I will continue to tone my body, expand my fitness and health knowledge and continue to encourage my family to live a healthy and active lifestyle!

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