Elyce Amero


Where did you grow up?


How long have you been married / how did you meet your spouse?
October will be 4 years. We met at Kelly's whole in the wall bar in Placentia, but through a mutual friend.

Who are the members of your family?
My hubby Matt, our sweet McKenna, and our beast 95lb English lab Bailey

Where did you go to school and what did you study?
I got my BS in Health Science from Cal state LA. Then went to Newbridge College for the Diagnostic Medical Sonography program.

How did you learn about Stroller Strides?
My cousin is a member in Corona- I researched it online... Couldn't wait to try it!

When did you join Stroller Strides as a member?
January 2016

When did you become an instructor and what motivated you to become an instructor?
May 2016. I taught dance for years and missed the "leading/teaching" aspect. I admire our amazing instructors, and just thought it would be a great opportunity to further my knowledge of fitness.

What do you hope to provide for our members?
A welcoming, loving, supportive environment. I hope to inspire and encourage them to push themselves to the next level in their fitness journey. So that they leave class feeling proud of themselves!

How has Stroller Strides affected your life?

It honestly has been LIFE CHANGING!! I struggled horribly from Mom guilt. I need fitness in my life, for of course my physical health, but more so my mental health. I felt guilty asking someone to watch my daughter so I could go work out. It felt selfish, even though people tell you it isn't, and you need to make time for yourself as a Mom. I was not working out as often as I wanted/ needed to. SS has been the answer to my prayers. Kenna and I can work out together, play and make memories. Not to mention meet new fiends! It also teaches the kids that fitness and exercise is a positive/fun thing- not punishment! The kids ask to get out and join their moms in exercising! How amazing is that?!?

What do you consider the biggest benefit of Stroller Strides?

Everything I mentioned above. The physical, and mental health. The Moms are just such welcoming, loving supportive strong women. This is by far the best "moms group" ever!! I am having a hard time putting it into words when I think of how I truly feel - and how fit4moms has changed my life.

What are your current fitness goals?

Just to continue my overall strength, and endurance! To always push myself one step further than I think I can go!
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