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Instructor Tina Ervin: "For September mom of the month, I nominate Monica Martin. Monica joined our village and I feel like instantly she was a big part of it. Every time a mom joined the village after her she was nothing but warm, inviting and super supportive. She has a sweet gentle nature about her but also so much fun to be around and laugh with. And can I just say her son Matthew is an absolute doll?!?!? From his blue eyes to his chunky thighs to his adorable smile that boy is nothing but precious. Monica is one mama you want to get to know, she will always brighten your day! Congratulations Monica we love you and Matthew!"

1. Who are the members of your family?

My husband Dan and our son Matthew who just turned one in August.

2. What is or was your career?

I played golf professionally for a few years, then became the golf shop merchandiser at Mesa Verde Country Club in Costa Mesa. I'm also the head coach for the girls golf team at Mater Dei High School (my alma mater). After Covid and being home with Matthew, I decided not to go back to Mesa Verde, however I am still coaching at Mater Dei. It's a perfect part time job that allows me to have plenty of time with Matthew while coaching and mentoring some awesome young ladies in a sport that I love.

3. How long have you been a member of FIT4MOM of North Orange County and what has it done for you?

I joined back in November 2019 when Matthew was 3 months old and loved it. However, I went back to work shortly after and made every excuse in the book to not work out. I would see the posts on Facebook and feel guilty I wasn't going to classes. Then Covid hit and I did a few online workouts but it wasn't the same. I was about to cancel my membership, but received the good news that we were able to go back to the parks. I decided to give it one more try and I'm SO glad I did. I was nervous because I can be shy at first, but everyone welcomed me back with open arms. It's been wonderful to get out of the house every morning and see the progress I've made mentally and physically. My days are just so much brighter since we've been back in the parks and I feel better in all aspects of my life. I didn't realize how lonely I was. It's also been very rewarding to meet other like minded mamas who enjoy being active and live within the community. I can't wait until we can do more social things in the future like Moms Night Out!

4. What is something that has surprised you about motherhood?

How I have mentally and physically risen to the occasion. My body has truly amazed me throughout pregnancy and postpartum- especially how I was and still am able to provide for my little man. And how I was able to function on no sleep. (God bless sleep training.) I'm also still mind blown that we created him and he grew inside of me. Just when I think I couldn't love this baby boy any more, tomorrow comes and I do. Sometimes I catch myself just staring at him. I really can't imagine life without him and I'm savoring every moment, even on the long/tired/emotional days.

5. Favorite app(s) or website(s)?

The Target app is way too dangerous- we've made quite a few trips to drive up- more than I'd like to admit. And the usual Instagram and Facebook- I love seeing the pictures from class that the instructors post on our FB group! And Tina's new Closet Addiction group is also very dangerous.

6. List three current obsessions.

  • Closing all three rings on my iWatch
  • My tomato garden
  • Yellowstone

7. What is your child's/children's favorite thing about you or favorite thing that you do?

Well homeboy doesn't talk yet, but if he did I'm sure he'd say singing songs, playing peek-a-boo, driving the golf cart and going for walks together.

8. Any tips for other moms out there?

Someone recently told me "the days are long and the years are short" and as cliché as that sounds, it is SO true. I can't believe how fast everything has gone, yet some days just seem to drag by. Try your best to be in the moment and enjoy every second. A huge goal of mine is to not have Matthew see me with my face in my phone- I want to be present with him and show him that he deserves my attention. Also, stop doubting yourself and trust your gut. It's so easy to get caught up on social media and start comparing your life and family to others, or reading posts that solicit unnecessary advice. You know what's best for your family, so stick to your guns!