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Instructor, Dash Guevara: "Kat Collins is such a beautiful strong mama who always shows up to class with the best attitude. She's had a baby recently and does not let that stop her. You will see her with her little one wrapped on her and she will keep working out. She is also extremely caring and a friend to all. I am so happy to know her."

This month we recognize KAT COLLINS for her accomplishment and dedication to fitness, motherhood and life! Our Brea, Fullerton, Placentia and Yorba Linda FIT4MOM Team would like to say, "THANK YOU, KAT," for being part of our Stroller Strides family!"

1. Who are the members of your family? My husband, Crispin, and I have two babies: Matthew (2) and Poppy (5 months). We also have two rescue pit bulls, Karma and Eli.

2. What is or was your career? My husband and I met in law school— we are both lawyers, but I am currently staying home with our babies.

3. How long have you been a member of FIT4MOM of North Orange County and what has it done for you? I started fit4mom South OC in November 2017 and we moved to North OC in August 2018. Having an activity available in the morning helps get us to nap time and gives me time out of the house. More importantly, though, it gives me time for myself and a group of like-minded and non-judgmental mamas to be around. It’s the best part of the day.

4. What is something that has surprised you about motherhood? The days that you swear you won’t survive... somehow you always make it. Motherhood is full of invisible work, mental loads, and long days. On the toughest of those days, I’m always surprised that I DO have the strength to make it.

5. Favorite app(s) or website(s)? Instagram. Always. Especially for following pets. My dogs even have their own IG @the_moo_duo. I also love finding new toddler activities and seeing my friends post cute pictures.

6. List three current obsessions. Homemade pizza, the song “Middle Child” by J. Cole, and Disneyland.

7. What is your child's/children's favorite thing about you or favorite thing that you do? One on one. Full eye contact. Full attention. Extra snuggles and kisses. Plus a little tickling.

8. Any tips for other moms out there? Remember, they’re not crying to give YOU a hard time— they’re crying because THEY are having a hard time. Try to change your perspective and empathy follows. Kindness solves problems faster than anything else.