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Instructor Alyson Dunn: "It has been a privilege getting to know Lauren and her sweet son, Dean, this year. We are so grateful to have her in Our Village! We cannot wait to welcome her new baby boy or girl to the bunch in 2021. Looking forward to many more memories with you, Lauren!"

1. Who are the members of your family?

My husband Dylan, myself, my son Dean (11 months), and one due in May.

2. What is or was your career?

I have been a flight attendant for Continental Airlines (now United Airlines) since 2012.

3. How long have you been a member of FIT4MOM of North Orange County and what has it done for you?

I have been a member since July 2020 and it has been the biggest godsend for me. To be honest, I had a rough time postpartum and didn’t realize how much exercising and just being around other moms could help me mentally. I thought just going to the barn and being with my horses would be enough to get my mind back on track. I am beyond grateful I found Stroller Strides! It’s like no other group or community I’ve ever been a part of. I have made such great friends, learned so much from other amazing Moms, and gained confidence.

4. What is something that has surprised you about motherhood?

What our bodies can do! I’m still in shock and fascinated by Dean’s birth. The fact that he grew inside of me and still looks exactly like my husband is a bit surprising, haha, but it’s just amazing what we can accomplish mentally, physically, and spiritually through the whole process. Although this is by far the hardest thing I have ever done it has made me so proud of myself and taught me that you can truly do anything if you have the right mindset.

  • 5. Favorite app(s) or website(s)?

Starbucks, The Wonder Years (best app ever for tracking leaps), Instagram

  • 6. List three current obsessions.
  • Horses, always
  • Decorating baby #2’s room
  • Getting ready for Dean’s first birthday

7. What is your child's/children's favorite thing about you or favorite thing that you do?

My hair. Dean is an expert at finding the thinnest area of hair, getting that hulk grab, and ripping it out. It’s basically his goal to make the postpartum hair loss last for years. He is also obsessed with riding (obviously), so anytime after my husband or I are done with our ride he loves to hop on.

8. Any tips for other moms out there?

“This too shall pass”. Something my mom always tells me when I feel like I’m in a rut. As hard as those times are when you feel like this is never going to end, or they are never going to sleep, or the crying is going to last forever, just know that everything is a phase and it will get better. It is all in his plan to make you a better and stronger mom. Also, try to enjoy those times, it’s easier said than done, but now that those hard times (aka that 4th trimester) have passed it has taught me to try and embrace it instead of wanting the time to go by faster. Enjoy the ride!"