February Mom of the Month - JEANNE KALAYIL

Instructor, Krystal Ramirez: "Jeanne has been working hard to create a fitness lifestyle for her whole family. She has continued to make fitness a priority even while pregnant. She has been an inspiration for our entire group. We are thrilled to have her as part of our night class family."

This month we recognize JEANNE KALAYIL for her accomplishment and dedication to fitness, motherhood and life! Our Brea, Fullerton, Placentia and Yorba Linda Stroller Strides Team would like to say, "THANK YOU, JEANNE," for being part of our Stroller Strides family!

1. Who are the members of your family?

Phil-husband tommy -son

2. What is or was your career?

Engineer at Boeing Co.

3. How long have you been a member of Stroller Strides of North Orange County and what has it done for you?

I've been an official member only since December but I've been doing the 10 class pass for the past 6-9 months. I absolutely love the class. Soon after I started I became pregnant and still love coming to the class! It's the boost I need during the week. I also love the interaction I get with other moms and my son gets with the other kids. I feel like I'm getting not only a workout but playtime for my son as well.

4. What is something that has surprised you about motherhood?

I always knew I'd love being a mom but I never knew what it would feel like. Always feeling wanted and needed is an amazing feeling.

5. Favorite website(s)? their mommy blogs for people who had their babies in the same month you did. I love asking questions or reading what other people are asking about. Especially right after my son was born it was exactly what I needed.

6. List three current obsessions.

Searching Amazon for great deals, working on photo books and grilling food.

7. What is your child's/children's favorite thing about you or favorite thing that you do?

He loves it when I read him his favorite books. I think he's used to how I read them so prefers that I do it for him.

8. Any tips for other moms out there?

There's nothing wrong with asking for help from other moms. Everyone understands it gets hard sometimes and are usually more than happy to help!

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