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This month we recognize BONNIE FAGAN for her accomplishment and dedication to fitness, motherhood and life! Our Brea, Fullerton, Placentia and Yorba Linda FIT4MOM Team would like to say, "THANK YOU, BONNIE," for being part of our Stroller Strides family!"

Instructor, Marisa Sanchez: "Bonnie is an exemplary mama who is dedicated to her children and having a healthy lifestyle. Bonnie shows up to class with positive energy and a warm smile. She’s always putting in the extra work and pushing herself to do well and be fit. She is an inspiration to all who know her. She’s really friendly with the mamas and is fun to workout with. Finley and Rowan are so lucky to have her as their mommy. She is a wonderful role model to her children and to other mamas. If you are ever feeling down and discouraged, Bonnie is there to cheer you up with a good laugh and motivation/support. Thank you Bonnie for being a sweet friend too all, this village wouldn’t be the same without YOU, Finley, and Rowan!"

1. Who are the members of your family?

My husband Jason, daughter Finley (2.5), son Rowan (8 months), and our mischievous maltipoo Lucy.

2. What is or was your career?

I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. My practice focuses primarily on children, teens, and maternal mental health.

3. How long have you been a member of FIT4MOM of North Orange County and what has it done for you?

I think I officially joined in the summer of 2017, best decision ever! It has helped add structure and fun to our day, gets us out of the house and moving our bodies, and gives an opportunity for some socialization for both me and the kids!

4. What is something that has surprised you about motherhood?

How many little things I used to take for granted before kids- sleep, independence, having two free hands, using the bathroom alone....

5. Favorite app(s) or website(s)?

Pinterest, postsecret, calm, and I probably couldn’t live without my google calendar because it makes me feel organized.

6. List three current obsessions.

Target drive up, which I just learned about, stitch fix, and fantasy football.

7. What is your child's/children's favorite thing about you or favorite thing that you do?

Finley loves playing chase or being tickled. Rowan just loves to snuggle 💛. Both of them are happiest when they are eating.

8. Any tips for other moms out there?

“Listen earnestly to anything your children want to tell you, no matter what. If you don’t listen eagerly to the little stuff when they are little, they won’t tell you the big stuff when they are big, because to them all of it has always been big stuff.” Catherine M. Wallace