Baby blues & gestational diabetes...

Lisa Tran

Let me just say this first - I love Stroller Strides. I'm going to tell my story a little differently, since I know that a lot of other mamas will probably say some of the other things that I wanted to say.

With my first child, I had some severe baby blues / mild postpartum depression. Exercising outside in the fresh air & sunshine, combined with finding a supportive group of mamas with children the same age, is what helped me most, and started me back on the path to being "me" again. For this, our family cannot thank Stroller Strides enough.

With my second child, I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes (aka pregnancy diabetes). Not entirely a surprise, since I have a family history of diabetes and I was over age 35. During this time, I continued to do Stroller Strides, and it helped me control my blood sugars and have a healthy child again.

So I thank Stroller Strides for many things, including the above health reasons and for the friendships (mine and my kids'). I strongly recommend Stroller Strides to anyone looking to be a healthy mama, both during and after pregnancy.

- Lisa Tran

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